Copacking Services

Pod packaging is both an art and a science and requires a thorough understanding of the chemistry of brewing espresso.

ABCD is not a roaster and does not compete with its customers who think of us as their Pod Packaging Department.

Here is a summary of what we do to make pods:

  1. Receive/inventory inbound coffee/supplies
  2. Confirm weight/count/contents
  3. Co-ordinate customer co-packing schedule 
  4. Open/convey customer coffee beans into 888E grinder
  5. Calibrate, grind and test/brew ground coffee continuously
  6. Convey ground coffee into one of TMM Pod Packaging Machines
  7. Load coffee/calibrate/pod packaging machines
  8. Package pods, constantly test brewing pods and recording findings
  9. Set up/calibrate one of the appropriate die cutters  with the FF&S pouch making machine
  10. Convey pod tapes into die cutter
  11. Load/maintain roll stock pouching material onto FF&S pouch making machine
  12. Set/program customer/product imprints; maintain printer ribbona
  13. Set Julian end seal code dates
  14. Monitor/test nitrogen flused pouch for residual oxygen
  15. Erect and tape dispenser cartons
  16. Print/affix ID carton labels
  17. Weigh/check every carton (100%) and seal carton
  18. Shrink wrap and strap down to pallet
  19. Prepare final shipping/billing data
  20. Load pallet(s) into truck
  21. Dispose/recycle inbound packaging materials; repurpose pallet for outbound reuse
  22. Maintain historical Customer QC records
  23. Clean Grinders, Pod Packaging & FF& S pouch making machinery between customer SKUs and orders
  24. Periodic physical inventory of customer stock
  25. General daily housekeeping
  26. Note and fulfill all customer special requests
Automatic Brewers and Coffee Devices, Inc. does not discuss its customer list with anyone, adhering to a strict privacy policy.
We invite inquiries and prospective customers to visit our headquarters in suburban Philadelphia.