ABCD - A Tradition of Innovation

K. Cyrus Melikian and his engineering team created pods in 1959 in his quest for the first way to brew fresh coffee - one cup at a time! They also had to design a brewer to brew 1 cup at a time and the machinery to pack pods - whic did not exist as it had never been done before ! Why not - they had already perfected producing, brewing and dispensing liquid coffee concentrate (Kwik-Kafe and Mocco-Mat) along with many other firsts. At that time, the pour over was the newest method to brew a pot at a time. Cyrus is credited with creating the single-cup delivery system. Today single cup technology is used everywhere and sales are measured in billions of dollars. Cyrus always liked to brag about the industry he was a pioneer in but said "that the best is yet to come!"

Bob Melikian, CEO of ABCD, has enjoyed an extensive history in the coffee industry. While attending college he apprenticed in the coffee service industry. ABCD was created when he, his brother Cy Jr. and his father Cyrus, purchased the spun off division of RMI (Rudd-Melikian, Inc.) that manufactured single cup pod brewer and produced coffee pods. While attending graduate school to earn his MBA in marketing, he learned about roasting from a century old Philadelphia coffee roaster that ABCD eventually  bought.

Cyrus licensed an Italian company to use his pod packaging and brewing technology to brew fresh espresso. And the rest is history!
ABCD sold its products to OCS operators under the the original trade names - Brew-A-Cup and Old Mill and the newly created trade names - Flavor-Maker for the brewer and Flavor-Pods for the coffee pods. A trade show landed ABCD with a major Dutch company as a licensed pod producer and ABCD's European machine distributor. Eventually filter coffee pods attracted everyone's attention including ABCD's Dutch importer's roaster, Douwe Egberts introduced the Senseo paper pod first in Europe and then worldwide.

Their regular visits to Europe exposed the Melikians to the world of authentic Italian espresso which proved to be beneficial as interest in espresso  spread across the United States. ABCD bought several area distributors and is the oldest in the region.

Recognizing espresso pods simplified the difficult art of grinding, dosing, tamping, and brewing into a simple process, ABCD set up the very first co-packing line to process roaster's beans into espresso pods. Early adaptors that were ABCD's espresso co-packing customers were Continental Coffee, Cain's Coffee, Chock Full o'Nuts Coffee, Superior Coffee, McGarvey Coffee, Kraft's Nabob Coffee, etc.

Single serve coffee is here and now in various formats but only paper pods are biodegradable and ecofriendly.